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Luxdesksets.com in short LDS is a Turgut Office Brand.

We are a team that adopts the principle of "a perfect shopping experience" and tries to serve you quickly and safely. We constantly follow the latest trends in the category of useful office equipment and desk sets, which we blend with 100% domestic capital and handcraft, and offer them to our valued customers with a balance of reasonable price and maximum quality without sacrificing quality.
In the difficult journey we embarked on in 2020 with 100% domestic capital and handicraft, we continued to produce with our own means, without giving up despite the Covid-19 pandemic, with quality service and reasonable price understanding. In the face of various difficulties brought by the period, our customer portfolio continued to increase day by day, and we were able to deliver our packages bearing the Turgut Office logo to 27 countries in the global market, by making our presence felt as a new brand in the national market and in the sector with other brands that are advancing in the same lane as us.
Turgut Office, which was established in Istanbul in 2020 with the aim of reaching the modern level of our handmade leather office equipment sector, while following the latest trends in social media and e-commerce platforms, adopting the principle of delivering our products, which are produced with 100% domestic capital and handcraft in our country, to the whole world. , with its creativity, professionalism, honesty, and development and expansion of domestic capital at the center of its establishment, it has achieved a respectable position in the e-commerce and leather desk sets sector by showing a steady growth.
We are aware that we owe our success to the faithful and determined strength that we derive from the essence of all members of the Turgut Office family, who do not hesitate to take the responsibility, get tired, and sacrifice their time and effort. We do not hesitate to announce to the whole world that every Turgut Office family member is a noble.
Under the umbrella of our brand, we all work and work for a common purpose, in line with our common principles, with our belief in eliminating the boss-worker principle and conscious of the center of dominance.
Turgut Office, which closely follows the developments in the sector and the new demands in the market, continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector with its stable, strong and financial experience.
We aim to be a creative and productive company by analyzing the existence of innovations against demands. In line with current demands, we are meticulously working on creating new trends by expanding our portfolio, as well as contributing to current trends by updating our product patterns.
Turgut Office family has adopted the basic working principle of using 100% domestic production, professional handwork and modern techniques in its entire product portfolio, blending industry-proven and quality-documented materials and workmanship, and delivering the perfect and quality product on time.

Turgut Office Family

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